The education sector has been on a bumpy ride since the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything is online, from classes to exams, and it has brought an unfathomable scenario in the patterns of examination. Prolonged hours of screen time can get very tiring for the children. In addition, it leads to various health issues like eye strain, irritability, headaches and more. Due to this, a student’s efficiency in scoring, focus & precision has been constantly losing the game.

Online Exams – Tips to Score More

Format Counts 

Firstly, you should understand the structure of the online exam. If you study the pattern well before giving the exam, you will find yourself filled with confidence. Hence, it will be easier to write the answers without panicking and losing focus.

Moreover, practice all types of questions, including multiple-choice and subjective type questions. If you are unsure of the format, you will take more time to complete the paper. Hence, always remember to study the pattern before sitting for the online exam. 

Pay Attention

Pay attention to your online classes. It can be hard to focus when everything is going online. However, try taking short notes while listening to the teacher. These quick notes will help you revise your lessons faster during exam time. In addition, they will assist you in remembering the key pointers well. Mind maps and handwritten graphs might be useful in your study.

Time your Steps

You might get stuck in editing and correcting your answers. It’s not a good sign since you may run out of time. A solution to this problem is to write your answers in a google document first. Then, you can copy-paste the answer in the question’s answer box. Moreover, if you write your answers in a google document first, there are fewer chances of mistakes in the actual answer box. 

Tackle your Anxieties

Because of the new format, online tests might be stressful. However, if you learn to fight those hard exam blues, you will be able to outperform your expectations! Do you want to know how to hold firm in the face of pre-exam stress?

Well, the answer is simple. You should take some time out and relax, free yourself from the screen. A lot of screen time can lead to anxiety and stress. Hence, consider going out for a walk or playing your favorite outdoor game. It will not only lead to better health but will also lower your stress levels!

Try Mnemonics

Be it online exams or offline, there can be issues with remembering all the facts and data, especially when we are living in this stressful scenario of pandemic uncertainty. To counter this, try using tricks like mnemonics. 

In addition, you can consider making acronyms by writing them on colored sticky notes. Stick them on your study table. These sticky notes will help you remember the crucial facts well.

Wrapping Up

It’s okay to freak out a little. The pandemic has made everybody a little stressed with the ongoing situation. Remembering these tips before giving your exam will help you score better. In addition, these tips will help you lower your stress levels while studying simultaneously. 

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