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Online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has posed several challenges for parents and children. You must have never thought that a time would come when you and your family would be confined to your homes. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to go online. In addition, the pandemic has scared everybody because of the high chances of infection every time a new Coronavirus variant is discovered. 

Assuming you’re learning at home, you’ve undoubtedly encountered some of these challenges, or will in the near future. Luckily, none of the challenges related to distance learning are unsolvable. With the right mix of innovation, concentration and disposition, you can get through this situation without missing out on important aspects of your education. To explain better, here is a list of some issues you might be facing with online learning.

Challenges of Online Learning

Lack of Focus

If a student is constantly staring at their screen, they tend to get distracted from studying. Therefore, they tend to focus on things that happen outside the screen. Concentration and focus are negatively affected because of distractions. 

Technology-Driven Module

Due to its technology-driven nature, online learning at home has all the limitations that technology brings to the table. It is imperative to have high-speed and stable internet connections for home learning, as well as smart devices. The device’s suitability for online lectures also serves as a drawback, increasing expenses and costs. 

Long and Monotonous Hours

A big disadvantage of online learning is the monotony of the lectures. Students experience a low level of interaction in lectures. Hence, they may spend more time on screens because of longer classes. Undoubtedly, it makes learning challenging. In addition, viewing the screen for five to six hours continuously, can lead to eye strain. 

However, every problem has a solution. You and your family are in this together, and you can fight! You all can help each other even with minimal effort. Here is a list of some counter techniques you can use to face the challenges of online learning.

Solutions to Online Learning Problems

Engaging and Interactive Sessions

The more you interact, the more attentive you will be in the class. The engaging sessions will allow you to focus on what your teacher is teaching. In addition, your dedication towards learning will increase along with your communication skills.

 Fewer Hours of Screen-Time

The duration of online classes should be low. It will help you focus more and reduce monotony in class. Moreover, low screen time will help in reducing eye strain. Further, you will get appropriate family time. Longer screen time can also lead to mental health problems.

Making Learning Fun

Online competitions can help in maintaining social & emotional health. In addition, the students will feel satisfied. Using live examples and question-and-answer sessions will prevent the students from getting distracted. Hence,  their focus will be on the teacher and the class. The students can also participate in crossword games online! 

Wrapping Up

You are not alone. Yes, it can get exhausting on some days but do not lose hope. Things will get better. Spending some quality time with your family at the end of the day is no less than therapy. What are your views about online learning? Share your views in the form of a blog post. The best one will get a chance to be on our social media & portal!

More Resources:

You can also check out the  Statistics Around the Challenges Faced by Parents with In-Home Learning  for some extra knowledge bytes about the problems of online learning.

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