The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It comprises approximately more than 100 billion nerves. Your brain is the epicenter of all your thinking and thought processes.

Left Brain and Right Brain

Functioning of Human Brain

Your brain is subdivided into two hemispheres, and each region over-rules specific functions.

These two hemispheres are like twins with different characteristics; they look alike but process differently. In addition, just like two twins are connected, these two hemispheres also can’t process individually; they carry contrasting characteristics, but are connected.

Various parts of your brain are integrated through nerve fibers. In any accidental brain injury, the concerned loss of integration can invite impairment. 

The human brain is a highly adaptable organ, or we can say that, if the human body is a machine, then our brain is the most advanced program that encodes and decodes new programs every day.

The consistent research done by the scientists has provided data that emphasize the different modalities of control offered by the two distinct parts: the left and the right brain. 

The Theory of Left Brain and Right Brain

The theory states that each hemisphere of the brain controls different types of thinking. If you are good in analysis, methodologies, and numbers, you have a dominant left brain, but if you can visualize creativity and music everywhere, you have a dominant right brain.

The theory of the functioning of the left and right brain was first discovered in 1960, and all credit goes to the fabulous research of psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Robert W Sperry. This theory is based on the fact that the brain’s two hemispheres function differently.

Moreover, the theory says that the left brain is comparatively more verbally strong, analytical, and artistically active than the right brain. Here is a list of the underlying functions of the left brain and right-brain.

According to the research of Robert W. Sperry, people with stronger left-brain are good at:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Permutations & combination
  • Linear analysis
  • Mathematics and calculations
  • Factual analogy
  • Verbal thinking 

Left Brain and Right Brain

An intuitive individual possesses a dominating right-brain; hence they are the masters of visual and intuitive thinking.

Sperry’s integrated research suggests these interpretations of right-brained:

  • Imaginative thinking
  • Holistic analysis
  • Intuition at prime
  • Rhythmic activities
  • Comparatively high frequency of daydreaming

The brain functioning is analogous to the fact that individuals experience a better dominant side of the brain, just like our right hand is more dominant. However, some can easily use their left hand.

To Summarise

While painting something exclusively new or finding the roots of a complicated equation, both hemispheres unite and actively participate and put all the efforts into a single sphere as your brain. A person has both, but the fact is that any one part of the brain can be slightly more active.

Left Brain and Right Brain

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