Interactive learning is what students need today. Pandemic made every corner of the world sway, and the education system was no exception to it. New challenges have knocked on our doors every day. The challenges involve adaptability of online learning, operating the applications, involvement, and many more, but education is all about problem-solving, and for this scenario, live sessions consisting of both active brainstorming and interactive learning turned out to be a great help for everyone in the state of dormancy. Live interactive sessions have helped people resolve professional, personal and educational issues. Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic benefits of these events.

Enhance Creativity among Students

Through live interaction, students and teachers can communicate better. Exchanging ideas and thoughts is performed at a significant level. Interactive classes are way more dynamic than the regular classes, and knowledge gets way more fluid through this interface . The facts and theories brainstormed by one individual are shared with everyone. This methodology is systematic and generative for classes and events like discussions and debates.

Brainstorming and Credibility through interaction

Interactive learning is a two-way process; thus, both components must be very strong to bring a comprehensive output. Knowledge and the manner of presentation of the respective experts and tutors get polished through this medium. This lends to improved credibility and self-awareness.

A professional who can present his subject well develops excellent interaction amongst the students.his/her mastery over the subject can set an example in front of the learners, and through this healthy interaction, learning can succeed with flying colours.

Interactive Learning- Helps to Develop Personality

It isn’t easy to showcase yourself in front of unknown people, and as far as virtual sessions are concerned, this becomes more difficult. Live sessions provide you with a comfortable zone to grow at your own pace and space. Let’s look at how live sessions helps in improving personality

  • Problem-solving: interaction with various individuals makes one aware of the different approaches to solving a problem.
  • Integrated learning​: A relationship between practical and theoretical learning cannot be attained unless a thorough assessment hasn’t been made in both horizons.
  • Flipped classroom models: ‘right place and right time’ defines the prior purpose. Knowledge isn’t enough unless one knows how and when to apply it.
  • Group activities: gives one the ability and agility to express themselves rightly.

Interactive Learning- Need of the Hour

Interactive learning is essential for every learner, and there is no debate about it, and Uniform junction follows the same. With the help of live sessions, virtual programs and events to support the students for better interaction with experts and teachers to understand the concepts better. Through these sessions, UJ ensures that no stone is left unturned in the pathway of learning, whether confidence, self-assessment or way expression. Two-way communication between the students and teachers is the success mantra. The well-being of students and training UJ educators for the same has kept UJ and learning going miles together along with their learners.

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