The 21st century goes hand in hand with technology. When you hear skills, you might immediately think of coding and programming. But, wait. There are even better skills that hold a better career scope than coding. Technology has become an integral part of daily life. But is there a skill that remains popular throughout? No. As technology changes rapidly, no skill remains equally popular. However, some skills have gained immense popularity in the 21st century. Here is a list of five such skills that will help you gain an extra edge in this century.

1. Animation

Animation is the second name for a unique blend of a creative mind and artistic inclination. As you know, the gaming industry is growing with leaps and bounds. It is where Animation as a career comes into the picture. If you are crazy about games and have that touch of creativity in you, then Animation could be your dream skill. Moreover, there is an immense number of career options available in this field. These include- game animators, mobile game designers, game modellers, rigging artists

2. Artificial Intelligence

You all must be aware of the popularity and benefits of artificial intelligence. No one needs an introduction to the numerous uses of this scientific skill. In addition, the scope of Artificial Intelligence in India is tremendous. The reason is that Artificial Intelligence or AI helps to enhance the effectiveness of instructors through applications like the message to speech, text translation, automated grading, chatbots, and machine learning. Furthermore, there is an increase in demand for Artificial Intelligence in every sector, including education, healthcare, and agriculture. 

3. Video Editing

Video Editing is another skill that is gaining the attention of multimedia enthusiasts. According to the most recent survey, the job prospects for video editors expect growth by a whopping ten percent. Moreover, video editors can earn a handsome amount working as freelancers. In addition, companies worldwide are looking for freelancers who can work on a contract basis. Hence, a career in video editing is bright and attractive. 

4. User Experience (UI/UX)

The demand for UX/UI designers is ever-expanding. Businesses worldwide have understood the importance of designing in enhancing their customer base. Companies are always hunting for good designers who can give their websites and applications a new look. A survey on the popular platform LinkedIn has designated UI/UX designing as one of the top five skill sets for the coming times. Moreover, the constant increase in demand for UI/UX designers has increased the pay package offered to these designers. 

5. Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is one of the top-rated skills in the 21st century. By way of digital illustration, the designers can show off their creativity. The traditional sources of design do not give the designers complete freedom to put forward their skills. In addition, the scope of growth in digital illustration is all bright and shining. 

The prospects for the above skills are attractive in the coming age. Moreover, these skills enable you to work in the corporate sector and as a freelancer. The pay package offered to these designers and editors is unexpectedly high. Hence, skills like Video Editing, UI/UX Designing, and Artificial Intelligence are attractive career options for the new generation. 

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The emerging trends, especially in the technical skills domain are vastly shaping up a future for us that will allows us to automate a number of stuff whilst ensuring that our critical thinking abilities are leveraged. To know more about such career paths of success, do read this amazing write up!

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