Climate change is a change in the weather of a particular place. To avoid confusion between climate and weather, keep in mind that weather can take a turn within hours, but the atmosphere takes a decade or more to change. This change broadly refers to the changes in rainfall, temperature and can gradually take place every year. 

Climate Change is Real – Earth’s Changing Climatic Conditions

Earth has suffered from abrupt climatic change since its birth. This globe has suffered from extreme scorching heat and rise in temperature owing to various climate hampering activities of the human race. Studies have reflected small but significant changes in the climate that may seem small to the ordinary, but are severe in actuality. Every phenomenon has experienced changes in hundreds of years. One significant example can be that the earth has experienced a one degree Fahrenheit increase in its temperature over the last 100 years. Global warming, ice melting, and rising ocean levels are some of the after-effects of the former that can provoke a red alert. 

Cause of Changes in Earth’s Climate 

A plethora of causes can cumulatively provoke such changes. In coming years, Earth’s distance from the sun can change. The amount of energy the earth receives from the sun tops over the list of causes for rising atmospheric temperatures. Changes in tides and volcano eruptions are also some of the eminent reasons.

Energy always desires to get balanced, and any imbalance caused can invite trouble. And human activities are indeed playing a lead role in creating such misbalance. We drive vehicles, cut trees, do mining and construction activities – these activities drive out some energy by releasing hot gases. Further, these gases heat the air, which causes the climatic conditions to change. 

Predictions for Future Climatic Conditions

Scientists have stated that temperature will experience a hike for the next 100 years. The temperature increase will cause the snow and ice to melt. The ocean levels will also rise. Places with hot and cool temperatures will get more adverse heat, and cold spots will get hotter. Some parts will experience heavy rainfall and high tide winds that invite floods and hurricanes, while others won’t even get a single drop of rain. 

NASA’s Studies for Climate Change

NASA satellites study Earth’s land, air, water, and ice at the same time, there are other applications to govern the energy supplied by the sun. With the help of these procedures, scientists explore and research climatic changes. The scientist there have already warned the world about the depleting ozone layer and how it will bring in climatic events and changes we are not prepared for.

How Can We Help?

Scientists claim that even little efforts in huge demographics can bring a change in these severe changes swiftly. By less wastage of water and other energies, turning off lights, fans, and television switches, saving our natural resources etc., can be a small step to offer significant help. Planting trees can be a major one. The better you seek is, the better you serve, so try to learn about your earth so that you can come up with brilliant ideas to resist any threatful climatic change.

Climate Change

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Climate change is real and understanding the phenomenon behind it is the need of the hour. To understand what the scientists at NASA have outlined thus far about climate change and its repercussions, do explore this write-up.

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