For various people, food is love, and love is food. Hence, the foodies should pursue careers in their favorite domain: food and food. So let’s take a bite from this delicious hot list of various options served with versatility. Let’s explore some not-much-talked-about career fields for foodies:

Executive Chef

“My kitchen, my rules,” if this is your favorite jargon, then this profession deserves you. Plan your menu and take care of your cuisine. With every flavour you have in your dish, the satisfaction you will achieve will add ten more to your life. Moreover, every day you can bring something new to the table. So, stop your insecurities and garnish all your happiness in your professional life. 

Catering Manager

If your hands crave to cook something new, something delicious for every festive season, and want to bring yummy smiles on many faces, then the wait is over. This profession is inviting you. For every birthday party and gathering, food is a hot topic. Being the caterer, you will decide and select everything. It means that it’s time for you to be the GrandMaster.

Food writer / Blogger 

We know a food lover loves to talk about food, share their knowledge about food. Then why not U-turn this hobby into a full-time profession? Yes, you got it right. That means nothing can stop you from thinking about food and food. If your hands have got the perfect blend of cooking and writing, what are you waiting for? Just drive open a Clean sheet of the paper, tasty dish, and delicious creative mind and just flavour the paper with your writing. 

Dietician / Nutritionist

Is everyone repeatedly questioning how you are so fit, how you have such a fantastic body, what do you eat?. And your advice works because it is deeply researched and knowledge-based? Also, if you want to study nutrition because you want health and taste to walk together, then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful dietitian or nutritionist. Commonly, a nutritionist works in a hospital for some Healthcare organizations, but entrepreneurship is at its prime today, and this domain has also maintained a decent position in that race. 

Career Fields for Foodies – Culinary Tour Guide

If your relatives, friends, and family are constantly texting you to suggest restaurant cafes for their dinner dates, gatherings and you are always excited to inform them with your knowledge, then, believe it or not, you are already on a culinary tour guide for them. But why restrict yourself to your network rather than make this option your career choice!

Hope this delicious list of career fields for foodies must have suited your taste buds. 

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Foodies are always hungry. The more tasty food you serve, the more they want you to feed them. Believe it or not, everybody loves this quality about food lovers, so no need to starve as there is always something more to crunch. If you are looking to explore career option in nutrition, do check out this amazing compilation by Indeed.

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