Teacher’s Day 2021 is here! There is no profession nobler than teaching. Your teachers are the ones who enable you to write the first exam of your life. Wherever you may go, you should always be thankful to your teachers. Because they are the ones who played a crucial role in making you the person you are. Moreover, there is plenty to learn from them apart from academic learning—for instance, patience. The coronavirus pandemic has made everybody aware of the need to be tech-savvy. The teachers deserve a salute when it comes to online learning. The teachers, whether they were aware of the technology or not, adapted themselves to digital platforms. In addition, they embraced the quiet culture of online classes and taught the children with zeal and enthusiasm. Here is a short description of how the teachers helped every student during the pandemic times. 

Teacher’s Day – Enhancing Learning Power

The teachers attended various training seminars and sessions to learn about the digital platforms. They displayed utmost devotion and passed with flying colours.

Creativity Level – 101

There was a lack of resources like lab equipment. But it couldn’t stop the teachers from getting their creative minds in action. They used home supplies, like hangers, boards, and clothes to demonstrate chemistry experiments to children. As there were no blackboards available at home, the teachers took no time in arranging whiteboards. Moreover, some teachers even learned how to use digital whiteboards and MS paint! Who knew our teachers were so tech-friendly and creative?

Embracing Technology

The teachers embraced technology so gracefully. Yes, now they are fully aware of all the functions in various online meet platforms. They post assignments, homework, and written notes so smoothly. In addition, they know everything, be it grading an assignment online or conducting an online test. They are genuinely tech-savvy. 

Patience Reprised

Every day, a teacher sits in front of about thirty unique individuals and manages their interests and needs. Initially, the students did not display obedience in online classes. Issues like non-adherence to deadlines while submitting the assignments, poor attendance, and uncooperativeness stressed the teachers out. But they didn’t leave one thing, i.e. patience. Patience is the key. Hence, the students gradually began working under discipline. 

Happy Teacher’s Day

The teachers deserve a salute from everybody for their dedication and devotion towards their profession. However, the coming times are uncertain when it comes to resuming the traditional mode of learning. Hence, it is high time that future teachers adapt themselves to technology. Moreover, online education is gaining popularity worldwide because of the benefits it offers. Hence, it would be best if the teachers are tech-savvy and flexible in digital learning.

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Curious about the lengths teachers are going to make learning available for all, during the pandemic?  Consider reading Role of a teacher amid Pandemic

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