The National Nutrition Week 2021 falls on the 1st week of September and we are here with all the juice on how you can make your kids eat healthy. Kids have an entropic behavior that demands a lot of energy consumption, hence there is a need for constant energy supply to these tiny bundles of high energy. We must plan their diet with nutritious and healthy energy-giving food. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Especially in these times of dormancy, your mental and physical health is the prime sword to fight with the catastrophe.

Plan Healthy Eating

It is more critical to plant the diet chart with suitable gigs, life flavors, and innovation because innovation is what children need.

  • 1 or 2, 1/2 of any fruit every morning – give them their favourite fruits.
  • Veggies are a must – but don’t make it dull and tasteless, or else you will have to handle their endless complaints.
  • Milk is a faithful companion in their growing years – add any tasty chocolate powder or anything else so taste and nutrition can dwell in the same glass.
  • Salmon is the best source of protein, so make it bold and highlighted in your food chart.
  • Whole grain is wholesome nutrition, so experiment with new recipes with the same.

This Nutrition Week, Let’s Cook Together

Kids are curious creatures; they learn new things. They are always keen to know what is behind them, so let them know what’s cooking. Kids are ever ready to help, so let this little bundle of love do small and easy cooking stuff like stirring, measuring, grating salad, cutting fruits, and of course, decorating and serving the prepared dish. Children love to shower their parents with their newly learned skills. Hence, even if they have prepared an easy fruit salad, they will enjoy it like never before and continue eating until every trace of their meal vanishes from their plate. Well, you have to be very slow, but it’s a win-win scenario for parents when the kids will learn from the aroma of the dish they earlier disliked.

Don’t Play the Force Game

Children are naturally very picky; they may love anything today, but tomorrow may not even get bothered to share a glance with it. So don’t expect your kids to like everything you serve. Even after too much effort, they can refuse it constantly. But this doesn’t give us any reason to force them even if we sometimes become very picky with tastes. So better encourage them with different presentations, seasonings, and combinations of the same dish. Choice and Variety are what all notorious children love, so let them explore, let them choose but never force.

Get your Food Chart Customised with Food Apps

If planning is not your forte then find a monitoring app that suits you best.

These apps are super cool in constructing a proper schedule of eating for this whole week. What all you have to do is just to enter your credentials, that is age of your child any disease if he is suffering from his taste and choices now analysing your preferences The Chosen app to provide you with a customised diet chart. So now planning is just a left-hand game for you.

Make sure you apply these proven strategies well to enhance healthy eating habits in your kids. When your love gets blended with a healthy approach, your child’s mealtime will surely get perfect.

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Healthy eating habits should not be restricted to just National Nutrition Week. We should make sure that, be it adults or kids, we all eat healthy to sustain a healthy life. To know more about how you can get kids to eat healthy, do read this awesome write-up.

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