The minority population is now provided with specialized educational assistance. The primary purpose of providing Scholarships for OBC students in India is to provide financial assistance to all those who cannot continue their studies due to financial issues. Now every citizen of the nation will have the right to continue their education and job opportunities without discrimination. These scholarships are a boon to backward class students to pursue their higher studies.

Some of the scholarships are as follows:

ONGC Foundation Scholarships for OBC students

Purpose – The scheme is for the OBC students studying in the first year of engineering/medical/MBA or Master’s program. The aim is to provide financial assistance to backward class students to help them continue their higher studies.

Eligibility – Most importantly, a applicant should not have an annual family income of more than INR 2 lakh per annum and should not be more than 30 years of age.

Award – The selected students will be awarded INR 48,000 per annum.

Merit Scholarship for OBC students

Purpose – Merit Scholarship for OBC Students is a scholarship available to OBC students from 6th to class 12th. Moreover, the scholarship is also available for students pursuing professional courses such as medicine or engineering. If a student is pursuing a technical course, he is eligible to receive an award of maximum amount INR 1620 per month. And students who are pursuing other courses are eligible to receive up to INR 4500 per year.

Eligibility-The student enrolled must be studying in classes 6-12 and should have an annual family income not exceeding INR 2 lakh.

Award- INR 1620 – 4500 per annum.

National Fellowship for OBC

Purpose- In this program, meritorious OBC students who want to pursue M.Phil/Ph.D. are given financial assistance with many other benefits.

Eligibility –  Above all, a student must have passed post-graduation examination and has further taken admission into a full-time M.Phil /Ph.D. Consequently, he should not have an annual family income of more than INR 6 lakh to be eligible for this scholarship.

Awards – The selected students are awarded upto INR 28,000 per month along with a contingency grant.

Post-Matric Scholarship for OBC Students

Purpose – The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to students from backward classes to complete post-secondary education.

Eligibility – The applicant must be OBC, and other eligibility criteria vary from state to state.

Award – INR 500-1000 per annum.

Scholarships are the golden opportunity for economically weak students who do not have the required resources to continue their studies. These scholarships are an essential weapon for the underprivileged to conquer their dreams.

More Resources:

As a nation, it is important that we do whatever we can to help shape the careers of OBC students. For further information on any of the scholarships mentioned above, please visit these resources-  CBSE Board | Oasis

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