Whatever you are left with is everything; Pooja Agarwal had no idea when adversity and disaster struck, her determination and never-say-die attitude would lead her to great success. Pooja Agarwal, a 32-year-old trilateral amputee who lost both her legs and her arm in a railway accident in 2012, began shooting professionally. 

She stunned the world by her marvellous performance as the para shooter at the world shooting Para sports world cup held in Lima, Peru. She outshined her performance by adding two more silver medals to her long list of laurels, ahead of Tokyo Para Olympics.

Pooja Agarwal – Tale of Inspiration

A famous interview presented by her to a renowned National media agency narrates the incident that marks its date to 9 years back. It was a chilling day in December 2012, the newly married couple just hit off their journey of love and excitement, but perhaps fate was not in their favour. At New Delhi railway station, Pooja went to bid farewell to her husband. The station was crowded, and she accidentally shoved off the rails; after that, her life was flipped upside down in the blink of an eye. A rolling train ran over, leaving her with scars, pain, and agitation for her entire life. Her world crashed down within a few moments because the next thing she realized was that she lost her three limbs in a trilateral amputation; all that she left with was, right hand for good.

The havoc of her unfortunate luck hit her hard. But, like a fighter, she gathered the scattered pieces of her life and made a spectacular castle out of them. She started training herself to use her right hand for everything. Meanwhile, She and her husband parted ways. Now her sole aim was to be financially independent. She burnt the midnight oil and achieved what she deserved. She became a manager at Indian Bank.

World Class Para Sports Professional

However, there was a void deep down in her unfulfilled heart. The idea hit her when she found many other people like her finding happiness in it. She realized that she wanted to have a crack at sports.

Along with her professional life, she continued her training at an academy in Delhi. She eventually qualified to represent India at the para shooting world cup in Dubai in 2017. 

There she bagged her first international silver medal. She now found the purpose of her life and to sports more diligently. Looking at her passion and adherence, her bank decided to sponsor her. It was the Croatia World Cup, and she was the proud Indian bronze medal winner.

She is a living inspirational legend. She constantly proved that absolutely nothing could stop her from rising high. Life left no stones unturned to hinder her paths, but she rose again every time, Stronger and Tougher.

In conclusion, She was always a champion; the world took a few medals to witness it.

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There’s so much to learn from Pooja Agarwal (Pooja Agarwal on Twitter) and how she scripted a success story out of the most dire consequences. Know more about this self-made star from the interview shared below.

One limb is good enough to shoot for the stars” – Pooja Agarwal  

Image Credits – Hindustan Times

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