Need DIY Rakhi ideas for Raksha Bandhan 2021? Rakhi is a beautiful and cultural way to celebrate the brother-sister bond passed down through generations. A simple string may form a lifelong tie, and each year it serves as a reminder that no matter where the siblings are in the world, this string will keep them together forever, and they will stand behind one another in any situation.

Children have a natural powerhouse of creativity. They need to be busy all of the time, and one must do everything one can to keep them occupied. Help them to use this power on things that are beneficial to them. Introducing children to the world of DIYs is an excellent method to ensure that they are productively burning their energy. It’s not only entertaining but also educational. A simple DIY rakhee for kids might be a fantastic idea to start. So, let’s look at some of the DIY Rakhi ideas :

DIY Rakhi – Foam Flowers Rakhi

Material needed:

  • Marker
  • Colourful foam
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Ribbons


DIY Rakhi
  • All you have to do now is, use a marker to design two flowers on the foam.
  • Make sure that one of the flowers is smaller than the other. 
    Glue the little flower on top of the larger one, then add the ribbon to the base of the giant flower.
  • You can add buttons on the top of the flowers to make them look more attractive 
  • Just place the button on the flowers and stick them with glue.
  • Your Rakhi is ready.

Cute Lion Sticker Rakhi

Material needed:

  • Felt circle sticker in red-orange
  • Lion Sticker in yellow
  • Satin ribbon in red
  • Glue


DIY Rakhi
  • Cut ribbon equal to the size of your wrist.
  • Stick a Lion sticker on a Felt red circle with adhesive backing to make this craft.
  • Between the Red Felt circle and the orange Felt, place a red satin ribbon equal to the size of your wrist.
  • Stick the Satin ribbon between the two circles with Fevicol.
  • Replace the Lion with Chota Bheem, Spiderman, or a Pokemon sticker to create more designs.

Paper Quilling Rakhi

Material needed:

  • Quilling paper of different colours
  • Quilling tool 
  • Satin thread
  • Glue


  • Cut Satin thread equal to the size of your wrist.
  • Now use the quilling tool and make circles of different colours.
  • Make 9 circle of same size and colours and one big circle for the middle.
  • Cut a round paper and paste the biggest quilled circle in the middle and paste the other small 9 circles around it.
  • Cut the excess paper if any.
  • Paste the quill design on the satin thread.
  • Your Rakhi is complete.

Rakhi Made of Wool 

Material needed:

  • Wool of three colors
  • Needle and thread / fabric glue
  • Beads and colorful stones
  • Designer stickers


  • Cut three pieces of wool a little larger than the size of your wrist. 
  • Firstly, start making knots using the three strings of wool securing both ends off the knitted wool using a thread.
  • Paste your designer sticker in the middle of the knitted wool.
  • Add small beads and stones on either side of the sticker.
  • Your Rakhi is complete.

Glitter Foam Rakhi

Material needed:

  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Glitter Foam


  • Cut a circle shape or any design you like out of the colorful foam sheets in various sizes.
  • Glue them one on top of the other with a glue stick.
  • Create your design with vivid, colorful stickers.
  • Glue a colored ribbon under your colorful foam creation.
  • Your handcrafted Rakhi is now complete.

These are some DIY Rakhi ideas that can be culminated with simple steps and yet work like magic. It encourages children to express themselves creatively. It saves the time and energy of the youngsters and redirects them in a helpful direction. Give them a shot and see how they can help you have a fun time with creativity.

More Resources:

Rakhi is all about celebrating the bond of siblings and what better way to express your love then creating something from scratch. Need more ideas? Visit this awesome Pinterest gallery.

Image Credits – Pinterest | Google Images

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