From our first love butterflies to our first breakup hues and cries, nobody but our friends are always with us on our bumpy rides. We get a family even before we are born, but our friends are the family we create. Friendship is belongingness, without any blood relation, any personal benefits, just soulful concern, and love.  

Friendship Beyond Magic – Aladdin and the Genie

A celebrated Rom-com sprinkled and well garnished with the magical friendship; released in 1992. One of the remarkable creations by ‘Disney renaissance’ films unfurled the friendship between Robin Williams’ Genie and our hero Aladdin. Some separation is hard to bear though the romantic pair reaches their destination of love. With this, our friendship duo separates, leaving us all very emotional. Who said distance divides friendship? This magical movie taught us that company is immortal. 

Friendship of Likeness and Unlikeness – Woody and Buzz

It is only possible in a friendship that two people with different worlds are merely together without any desire to change each other. The revolutionary cine Toy Story, from Pixar, Tom Hanks’, gave words to toys’ emotion. The film mesmerized us with these two contrast characters, cowboy Woody spaceman Buzz (Tim Allen). We will find our Woody despising the buzz at the initial stage, but as in real life, you get to know someone better when you face complications in life. The same has happened with this dramatic duo. From escaping from their neighborhood, getting locked in a toy shop somewhere, these two became strengths of each other. With the sequels, we get to see the bond growing deeper. Their friendship successfully denies that the first impression is the last. Instead, it’s that you get the image so well in your heart that nothing more matters. This film has made us emotional and worried all at the same time, yet the duo never failed to carve the widest smile on our faces. 

One in a Million Friendship – Minions

These capsules of cuteness have won millions of hearts. Hollywood gifted the world this bundle of cuteness in the film Despicable Me and then despicable me two. Then further in 2015, a movie with their name as the title was released, Minions. Minions made our hearts laugh out loud. Their craziness, loyalty, and ageless happiness brought childhood back in every house. They showed us in the most obvious way that even if your friends kick you out, you must help them in crises. They redefined the forgotten item chubby-buddy. Even after the brutal fight and sleepless night, true friends never hold any step back for their friends. Their programming wholeheartedly teaches us how to code happiness in every stage of life.

The Golden Trio – Harry, Hermione, and Ron

JK ROWLING’S three brave musketeers who stand together in the same highs and lows put their lives in danger for each other. This fearless trio is called golden for very valid reasons. Their friendship was just like gold, timeless, and agelessly pure. It was the friendship of these three wizards that rescued the world every time. Isn’t it magical that one being a perfectionist, one special and another lost, units to form the most significant victory ever won? This trio has given them hope of inartificial friendship. It made us believe that friendship duos and trios become in heaven.

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