Have you ever thought of investing in a study corner? Organising oneself is an essential means of creating coordination and communication between mind and body. It allows having consistency towards goals. It is also a key to increase the influx of concentration thereby, leading to better outcomes.

Being organized is a simple yet effective choice to help you relax from the hustle and bustle of your life. So, here are some steps to lift your study corner.

Personalised Study Corner – A Shot of Inspiration

A simple statement on a bare board can go a long way. Your message board can be fun, colourful, or casual. Just make sure the message is something you can relate to and motivates you to work harder.

You can use quotes and pictures of your inspiration; gazing at those pictures will always remind you of the goal.

Shelves With a Twist

Shelves are essential in offices and homework areas with a lot of material — papers, files, devices, and supplies. Use creative and modern frames that maintain the space tidy and organized while also adding a playful element.

Use different boxes for pens, documents, test papers, etc.

Add stands to keep your phone, tablet, laptop so that they are parallel to your eyes. It’ll maintain your posture and will help you to study for more extended periods.

A Writing Surface

Everyone likes writing on the walls. The best way to use it for studying is to create a writing wall! Place it in your study, nursery, or wherever in the house. You can use it to note down daily goals, everyday motivation, notes, important points, formulas, amongst others.

Calendar for the Wall

With the addition of a chalkboard calendar, the wall becomes utilitarian. This calendar is a great way to remember your deadlines. It’ll not only help you to complete your work on time, but it’ll also give an aesthetic look to your study space. 

Invest in Quality Workstations Tools 

Invest in Chairs, laptop stands, and back supports. There are plenty of options available as per different requirements. These are important to maintain your posture and to keep you going for prolonged hours. 

Tactile Thinking Aids

Tactile thinking tools are helpful in a variety of situations. A Rubix cube, putty/clay, or even a pen to click are examples. These are useful because they provide something to do with your hands while working on a complex problem, allowing you to engage your brain’s non-linear, pattern-matching R-mode.

Study Corner Must Haves – Time Tool 

One of the underlying skills that students believe they improve the most while pursuing an online degree is time management. Invest in a lovely clock for your desk or wall. When used as a motivational tool, a watch may be a straightforward approach to keep you focused and get the work done. 

Sticky Notes

There are different varieties of sticky notes available. Firstly, you can use them as bookmarks. Secondly, you can use them to note down essential points and paste them on your bulletin board, and frequently reading them will help you remember them easily.

These steps may seem basic, but they work like magic. It gives an instant push to concentration when you are organised.

More Resources:

Organising your study corner reserves the scattering of your time and energy and redirects it towards a positive direction. Give them a try and step up your game. For study room ideas that can light up your learning experience, you can explore these Pinterest Boards dedicated to cosy study spaces.  

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