NEET is a prestigious competitive exam for MBBS courses all over India. Competition is rising higher and higher for students to crack NEET in their first attempt and secure a good rank to gain a seat in a Government Medical College. But with determination and good planning, you can break every wall in one go.

Students who attempt this exam for the first time find it more difficult to crack it in their first go as the board exams run parallel in their priority list. But with true determination, consistency and positivity, at least 60% of students crack NEET in their first attempt. So no need to worry as your chances are more than 50%.

Time Management is Your Sword

The schedule always helps you to balance between your board exams and NEET. Set everyday targets for yourself to help in better orientation of your day and maintaining consistency.

Cover All Topics

Don’t leave any topic of the chapter unread. Types of questions will be unpredictable for the NEET exam; any question can be asked from any topic. If you’re feeling difficulty in some chapter, instead of slogging yourself for hours to complete that chapter, divide it into parts and read the chapter every day, part by part. 

Use NCERT Books For Clearer Concept

Never confuse yourself with concepts by reading multiple books for 1 chapter. Rather read NCERT thoroughly, don’t leave any paragraph unread or any page unturned. Refer  NCERT textbooks for physics Chemistry Maths biology. For practice and accuracy, you can practice questions of different study material and references.

Mind Maps, Flow Diagrams and Short Notes

The syllabus for NEET is very strict. A few days before the exam, you cannot sit with so many books. You must have flow diagrams, short notes, charts, posters, tables for quick and multiple revisions before the exam. There should be fixed revision slots in your NEET schedule. Also, it’s quite exhausting reading the book all the time. These creative things do not let your interest and enthusiasm break. 

Coaching Classes For Tips & Tricks

Coaching classes are great for tips and tricks and key lessons to crack competitive exams in one go. It’s quite unaffordable to miss even one class of your coaching where you are being taught enhanced accuracy and everything else to crack in one attempt. Also, regularity in your coaching maintains consistency in your preparation.

Clear Those Doubts

One doubt today creates hundreds more for tomorrow. It is very important to debug all your queries because these doubts create a burrow in your preparation and enthusiasm. You feel that there is something that is blocking your way for it to get cleared that minute. One hurdle can change the entire game. 

Analyse Performance With Mock Tests & Test Series’s

Doesn’t matter how strong you are with your concept. Accuracy is the real card to decode your success with NEET. Online mock tests improve your speed, and analysis gives you a better understanding of your mistakes. 

Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and your hard work. The one who stands different from the crowd is the one who prepared for it.


More Resources:

NEET preparation requires blood, sweat and dedication. Learn how past NEET toppers did to crack it here.

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