Children’s book are the best when it comes to learning. Children learn by observing and listening. One of the greatest lessons to teach your kids is to teach them to love. This love should not be restricted to only human beings. They should be taught to love animals, to love their belongings. If they love something, they will learn to take care of that. Through learning to love animals, they can develop empathy and responsibilities. To promote loving animals, they can be taught practically. But if you don’t have a pet at home, they could be taught through animal-loving books. The following are a few books parents can refer to: 

1. “Our Very Own Dog” – Best Children’s Book

In this story, a loving family adopts a dog after a lot of preparations. This book includes a lot of points that could be helpful for someone who is thinking of adopting a dog. 

2. “Hush, Little Bunny”

A little bunny is sad because the winter months are over, and spring has just begun to start. So, his father takes him to go on incredible adventures with him to make him realize that spring is lovely. 

3. “Yasmin the Zookeeper”

Yasmin is a very courageous second-standard student. She likes to try and become all of her favourites: a writer, a superhero, a chef, and a zookeeper. She always enjoys doing all these fun activities. 

4. “I Found a Kitty”

In this story, Arfy the dog finds a kitten, Scamper. Scamper cannot stay at Arfy’s house because his owner is allergic to cats. Thus, Arfy tries to find a potential home for Scamper. 

5. “Who Wants a Tortoise”

In this cute little story, a little girl has always dreamed about having a dog as a pet. But she has been gifted a tortoise on her birthday. Please find out how she makes the tortoise her new best friend. 

One can also teach them various values towards animals by showing them these values. Also, you can take your children and feed stray animals. The children will develop a sense of responsibility through these practices.

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