Parenting comes to us without a ‘how to’ memo. There are many parents who have some or the other complaint about their child’s behavior. It may be about the child not studying well, watching too much TV, playing too much or something else. What most of them do, is try to rectify the children’s behavior by scolding or beating. However, in most cases this does not work out. So, what works out and what you do need to do?

Parenting Rule #1 – Understand Child Psychology

You need to have an understanding of child psychology in order to understand how to rectify your child’s behavioral problems. 

What Makes Children Behave Badly?

There are three things that make up your children’s behavior. They are – incident, emotion and belief. Behavior of your child is based on his belief and his belief is based on emotions and incidents. So, the ultimate thing that matters is changing your child’s belief. Whether he is watching too much of cartoon, spending too much time playing or is simply whiling away his time, it is based on his belief. This belief stems from some kind of emotion triggered by an incident or incidences. You need to make sure that you are able to steer the child away from the particular belief or belief process. 

Parenting- So, What Needs To Be Done?

Identify the Behaviour

To start with, you need to write down the behaviour of your child that is disturbing you the most. So, if your child is watching too much of a particular cartoon movie or spending too much time playing, write it down.

Identify the Belief 

Now, you have to identify the belief that you think may be responsible for the behavior. Your child may be identifying him with the character or likes the way the character is portrayed.

Counsel the Child

Counsel the child and try to change the belief that you think may be responsible for the behavior. 

Understanding the belief that has lead to a particular behavior is difficult. You need to be very friendly with your child and playfully try to elicit information about his belief.

Understand the nuances of making your kid learn the importance of good & bad behaviour further, by watching this video below:

More Resources:

Indeed, it is difficult to understand what leads to a particular behavior. You need more resources. To this effect a book written by a neuroscientist can be a good option. You can go through this book and discover more about successful parenting.  

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