Body positivity is not a foreign term for anyone. Children start understanding and adapting to the surroundings through the education they are provided. Kids these days, indeed have a sharper mind. Their creativity is at its peak during this time. They grow up while getting used to various ideas and concepts. It is what makes them who they are. Everyone wants their child to be a good human being. Also, they want their children to respect every human being and see them as equal.

Everyone should respect each other as human beings. Children grow up mostly reading their favourite story books. They often want to be like the heroes in these books. But there has been a lack of inclusion of broad ideas. One such idea is body positivity. This concept makes children more used to the notion of a thin hero. Also, these stories portray fat characters as villains most of the time. But, many brilliant Children Books spread the idea of Body Positivity.


This book is written and illustrated by Jess Hong. This book is her debut as a writer. It explores the notion of being different but being lovely. However, this book takes you on a bright adventure. It takes you to a world where you see people of different colours, shapes and sizes. However, it’s a charming and bright book that makes us all feel truly Lovely.

Pies From Nowhere

This book is written by Dee Romito and illustrated by Laura Freeman. This Children’s picture book follows the life of Civil Rights Activist Georgia Gilmore. However, it shows how she helped the Montgomery Bus Boycott activists by providing them with food. She also helped with the funds for these movements. She was a great cook. This book also provides one of her recipes’ for children to learn.

Cave Baby

Created by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Emily Gravett, this story explores the wild imaginations of babies. A hairy mammoth takes a plump baby on an adventure through the vast lands. However, they meet many animals along this thrilling journey. This book is one of the timeless classics among Children’s Books.

Her Body Can

Katie Crenshaw & Ady Meschke wrote this book. Li Liu illustrated it. This book promotes the idea of Self-Love. This book encourages girls to love the way they look. It enables them to accept who they are. We all are beautiful the way we are. We should love that. The Authors’ message is apparent throughout the story. 

Want to find more books promoting Body positivity? Explore this wholesome blog by Huffington Post.

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Understanding the importance of body positivity is important for parents who want to raise confident kids. There are so many books that can help kids feel good about themselves and their bodies.

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