Literature is a beautiful way of illustrating empathy and diversity in a human. Kids learn the fundamental values of life quickly through books.

Here are some books to teach your kids about life and diversity:

  1. The Skin I’m In: Dealing with her insecurities, Sharon tries to fight her bullies.
  2. Homework Strike: Burdened by his homework, Gregor goes on a homework strike.
  3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Story of a growing kid who pens down his daily experiences in his diary.
  4. The Invisible Boy: Story of how an ignored and left-alone child finds a new friend.
  5. Echo: Otto meets three mysterious sisters with whom he starts to solve a quest.
  6. Listen, Slowly: Story of a young girl learning about family.
  7. The way home looks now: Peter Lee tries to reunite his family and their passion for baseball.
  8. Wonder: This shows how one can affect the lives of so many others.
  9. Last stop on the market street: CJ questions her grandmother about various things.
  10. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History: Inspiring Biographies of 40 black female trailblazers.
  11. Ghost: The story of a middle school runner with the talent to qualify for the Junior Olympics.
  12. American-born Chinese: The story of a boy who has to face racism daily. 
  13. Slacker: Story of a boy enjoying his life avoiding homework. 
  14. The Namesake: Story of a Bengali couple who immigrate to America, trying to adjust there.
  15. Funny Bones:Presents the life of an artist who was famous for his drawings of skeletons.
  16. The Jumbies: The eleven-year-old stops an evil spirit and saves her island home in the Caribbean.
  17. Mama’s Nightingale: Saya writes a story to bring back her mother home from jail.
  18. Mango, Abuela, and Me: This shows a beautiful bond between a girl and her grandmother.
  19. Emmanuel’s dream: A biography of Emmanuel, who became a record-setting cyclist despite a disability.
  20. Same sun here: Two friends overcoming the distance between them, forming a friendship that defeats cultural misconceptions.
  21. One word from Sophia: Sophia tries to convince her family to have a pet giraffe as a gift for her birthday.

Teaching your little ones about diversity and inclusion from early childhood, would definitely raise them into responsible adults.

More Resources:

A diverse and inclusive childhood is what we all yearn for. Need more inspiration? Why don’t you explore this amazing blog by Edutopia ?

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