Are you tired of watching your children glued to smartphone screens? Looking for summer fun ideas that are engaging? If yes, this blog can be your saviour! Summertimes and Covid Pandemic has made it necessary to provide the children with fun and exciting activities. Having a high range of daily screen time is bad for the health of children physically and mentally. To spice up your quarantine life, here are some tips and ideas. Help yourself enjoy this pandemic time while staying at home.

To help you get started, here is a compiled list of exciting activities and summer fun ideas that the children will enjoy. If you are constantly bothered by the increasing screen time of kids, this list is for you. Grab a notebook and start writing!

Summer Fun – Art Is Your Best Friend

You can always get good art therapy to soothe your mind. Get yourself some origami sheets and scissors. Art and craft will also promote creative thinking habits in children.

Time For Some Cooking

Try new dishes and recipes at home. You can engage the children in cooking by asking them to fetch your ingredients in the kitchen.  You can teach the children to prepare easy no-fire dishes like lemonade, cool mint beverages, etc.

Nature Time

As you cannot go out to buy seeds, you can take seeds from vegetables and fruits in your kitchen. Plant new seeds and grow vegetables and fruits at home. Give the children duties to water the plants regularly and turn by turn (if you have more than one!).

Get Yourself Some New Hobbies

Try something new and different. If you already know dancing, take up painting or singing as a new hobby!

Indoor Games Can Never Be Boring

Teach the children indoor games like ludo, chess, rubix cube, etc. Play these games with the whole family and enjoy some quality time!

Popcorn Time

Watch movies with the family and share moments of togetherness. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your movie!

Fitness Hour

Fitness can be challenging amidst this lockdown. Taking an hour or two to exercise, or     even a walk on the terrace can help the entire family to be fit and healthy. Teach your kid some new exercises and yoga asanas. Youtube videos can be of great help!

These are some of the essential tips to help you enjoy summertime and COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Spending time with family is good for everybody’s mental health. Apply these tips and ideas to engage your children in fun and exciting activities that will make them learn about new things simultaneously. 

Continue exploring the list here.

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