Life always asks you the questions that are out of the syllabus, questions that you never prepared for but obligatory to answer, and that’s when your mental strength provides you with the glossary for all your required answers. It was mental strength that made Thomas Alva Edison endeavour 1000 times, Mahatma Gandhi to endure for Swaraj. But the question is how does one becomes mentally strong?

Quitting is Not an Option

Believe it or not, ‘Either do or die’ is an overrated statement, as one who believes in doing can never advocate dying. You must have heard of a story in your childhood that “once an ant tries to climb a wall but kept on falling again and again” the underlying learning in the story was that the tiny little ant never quits, and that’s what we all should do. There is no such doctrine that promises success in a single attempt one has to eat the dust and keep trying the n number of ways possible to accomplish it.

Prove Yourself to Yourself, Not to the World

If you are the master of your dreams, then don’t let your dreams be a slave to this world.

Like no two leaves of a tree are similar, but cumulatively they brace it to be an innate exquisite just like that human world endeavors on the same conception. But some of us fail to manifest this notion and try to mirror something else and are left with bare hands. Doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you, your eccentricity is the sodium to your mental strength, and once you drop your sodium, the blaze will doze off.

Be Mentally Strong = Be Ready to Face It

Dusk will fade, and dawn will rise only if you wait to experience it and strive to face the darkness. Mental strength is analogous to patience. Life will examine your patience efficacy in the most complex situations, but that’s the game, and if you play with a composure modality, your mental strength will embark on the goal.

Leaving your Unhealthy beliefs, bad habits, self-doubts, and self-pity behind are that’s all it takes to stand as a mentally healthy being.

For better motivation, do watch this pervasive and viable video of Amy Morin.

Duration: 15 mins 01 secs
Credits: TEDx Talks

More Resources:

If a comprehensive understanding of mental health and tips to be mentally strong, is on your priority list, do read this book by John Green.



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