The COVID Pandemic has impacted us all through constant mental and physical strain. Be it an adult or a child, everybody is stressed. But there is nothing in this world that cannot be solved by companionship. Family is your saviour in these times of distress. Maintaining a positive environment at home is suitable for the children and the entire family. Here are some tips for managing your kids and ensuring their well-being in these challenging times. Using these tips will help you to maintain your kid’s mental and physical well being. Show your near ones that you are there and you care about them!

Encourage Talk

It might sound basic. But it is the most effective way to handle grief. Try to talk with your children and ask about how they and their friends are doing. Also, allow the children to stay connected with their friends through mediums like social media. For those who are not on social media, consider writing letters to your near and dear ones.

Time For Some Engaging Activities

Engage children in fun-filled and exciting indoor activities—for instance, no-fire cooking, puzzles, games, gardening etc. You can also watch movies with children and spend some family time with them. It will help keep them healthy mentally.

Health Care is a Must

Health care is a necessity in these times. Physical health is as important as mental health. Help the children to have a proper diet and encourage them to drink more water. To get them to eat healthy food, garnish their platter. For instance, serving salad cut in new shapes. You can also try new healthy recipes for the children and the family. Ensure proper hygiene by regular washing of hands, sanitising surfaces like doorknobs, handles, etc., to ensure no risk of bacterial contamination. 

These are just some of the tips that will enhance your COVID pandemic coping mechanism. Children and adults both require proper physical and mental health care. To read about parenting tips from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, please visit here – UNICEF

More Resources:

Apart from these tips, there are several other considerable tips and behavioural guidelines. They will help you in coping with these challenging times. Please consider visiting: Children’s Well-being | CDC

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