Anti-terrorism is a war between crime and humanity. Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated every year on 21st of May. This day highlights the deadly impacts of terrorism on human life and property. This day also remarks the awareness of anti-social acts amongst the youth.

Purpose of Celebration 

By celebrating Anti Terrorism Day, we celebrate the bravery of those who gave up everything and sacrificed their lives to save the nation and society from terrorism.

Also, this celebration is a way to spread the message of peace, on violence and humanity all over the world, with the hope that no innocent will die due to terrorism in the upcoming years.

What Gave Birth to Terrorism?

Unemployment, starvation, illiteracy are some primary reasons to be blamed. But actually, it is selfishness and cruelty of the human society that has given birth to this deadly term. It’s inhuman to expect humanity from someone who never experienced it. Looking around, you will find thousands of reasons justifying terrorism.

Young, broken children who have seen their mother dying in front of their eyes due to starvation. A youngster who has seen brutal killings. And the girl who was forcefully sold to a third world country. All these people will somehow start believing that terror is the only language for survival and will start promoting it.

How to Gain Anti-Terrorism

Education is the ‘strongest weapon’ one can use to save humanity. Young children are born with a golden heart. One who can preserve this treasure can create a terror-free world. Undoubtedly, when children at a very tender age are taught the importance and requirement of peace, they grow up as responsible adults.

‘The only way one can stop terrorism is by not participating in it.’

All of us want a peaceful nation free from terror. And to prevail in such a scenario, we all need to march our steps forward. We can never win over terrorism by fighting with it by the same measure.

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We need to make our children learn that war, violence, fight, are not the answers to any problem.’To prevail, victory must opt for the correct path’. Do read this coverage by Jagaran Josh to learn more about Anti-Terrorism.

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