Akshay Tritya is celebrated on the third day of Baisakh month all over the country. This festival embarks the bestowing of wealth, prosperity, and bliss. This festival is also known as ‘Akha Teej’. It is believed that it is very positive to start any new innings on this day.


This day embarks various crucial events in Hindu mythology. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • This day marks the birth anniversary of Lord Parshurama.It is also believed that Treta Yuga began on this day.
  • It was this day when Maharishi Veda Vyas started writing the epic book Mahabharata.
  • The Ganges arrived on earth.
  • Lord Krishna blessed Sudama with wealth and prosperity.
    At the beginning of the exile of Pandavas, Lord Krishna gave Akshay Patra to Draupadi, due to which Pandavas always had food in surplus amounts.


When Kuber was banished from his kingdom, he later turned into a devotee and won Lord Shiva’s blessings. Later on this day, he was blessed with the wealth and prosperity of the heavens. Thus it is believed that this day blesses you with prosperity and wealth. It is a good omen to buy gold and jewels on this day.


In the very true sense, this festival takes you closer to your culture and heritage. And, by performing some of the prominent activities, you can make this festival special for you and others.

  • Chant the 18 units of the eternal book BHAGAVAD GITA – Reading the Gita gives you eternal peace. Which day can be better than Akshay Tritya to glorify eternal bliss?
  • Performs prayers to your forefathers – When every logic fails, magic happens. Blessings of your dear departed souls are the essence of that magic. And this occasion is the best day to seek them.
  • Do charity and donations – Our country is the land which believes that when your plate is full, and your neighbor’s plate is empty, give half of yours to them because sharing is caring. And, Akshay Tritya is the very day to celebrate it. 

Celebrates wealth, prosperity, and love with your family on Akshay Tritya. As we know, the pandemic has made plenty of people run out of essential resources of life. So, this Akshay Tritya donate plasma, food, oxygen cylinders, and medical help, if possible.

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