In this era where we are living and surviving in technology’. Every year 11th of May is celebrated as National Technology Day.
It highlights the importance of technology and its advancement in our lives. In times of pandemic and dormancy, tech-science has emerged as a powerful weapon to fight with it. Hence, it becomes more important to understand its importance and train ourselves to master it.

Technology Has Invited Opportunities

A person who keeps himself updated with the technological advancements in the world has invited a  bundle of opportunities for his future. Kids are no exception to this. It is found that the tech-savvy kids’  have comparatively better reasoning skills to compete with the world. Today, through gaming and different education applications available, technology for children has become part and parcel of their lives.

Need of the Hour

Careers like a typist, a repairman have become the choices of remote past. The career graph is changing very fast due to the upcoming technological advancement in every sphere of life. People have to accept and adopt this change to prevail in a comfortable future. Introducing technology to kids at a tender age has various advantages. Firstly, the kids will become smart enough to explore different options for their careers. Also, kids will be competent to fight the upcoming problems in the world.

Technical Advancements Has Benefited Mankind

From the very first nuclear testing in the country to the MISSION MANGAL and CHANDRAYAAN, every day, this world is observing unbelievable and magical transformation in technology, and each providing benefits to humanity. These rapid changes leave us blank about how life will be from 15-20 years from now. The medical trends, the education system, and the cars we drive, and even the toothbrush we use everything will experience a huge transformation. To comfort ourselves with such changes, one must mind the trends.

A study has stated that kids who do gaming have better motor skills. Also, curiosity drives them towards the knowledge of the technology.  Moreover, The main goal of all these examples and studies is to make kids handy for technology. So they develop control over the opportunities coming in their way.

“Technology is the path that will lead towards the world, we all are looking forward to”

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For a better understanding of the context do read this article by India Today.

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