She fights with me like we are eternal rivals. She loves me like a best friend, and she takes care of me like I am the most precious thing in the world. She is everything I want, and only her love in this world is unconditional. She is my mother.

Mother’s day is coming on May 9th, and it’s time to show our mothers some well deserved love and appreciation .

Mother; the word itself is a celebration

Mother is the one person who knows us even when we are not born, and she knows everything about us until the very end. For most of us, she is the most important person in our lives. No matter how old we get, we will always need her. 

Ways to add a special touch to Mother ’s Day 

On this special day let us do something which will make our mothers happy. Even our slightest of efforts makes her blissful. Here are some basic things to do for your mother this mother’s day.

1. Happy Mother’s Day –Wake up early

This may sound lame, but just waking up before your mother and making her the morning tea, saying Good Morning and happy mother’s day to her is enough to give your mother the best start of the day.

2. Cook your mother’s favourite dish

Yet another very basic but great idea to celebrate mother’s day. And if you don’t know how to cook, ask what her favorite dish is and how to prepare it. In addition, you can seek recipes from google as well.

3. Make her a greeting card

Moms always love the little creativity of their children. In case you have siblings, ask them to write a note for her too. For instance, you guys can draw some flowers or make some crafts. Tell your mother how grateful you are to have her by your side.

4. Do your mom’s favourite activity

Do whatever your mother loves to do in her free time. Do take an interest in her life and her hobbies. In other words, it is all about having some cherishing moments together.

5. Surprise you mother

If your grandparents or siblings live away, you can arrange a video call for your mother or better, have them over for lunch or a get together. But remember, your mother should be your guest of honour, so make sure you don’t burden her with chores and guest duties.

To wrap it up, while we all love to share the bond and pictures with our mother on social media, it is important to remember that it is your mom’s day, so you need to show your love to her first.

Above all, try to add such little moments to your life everyday and you will have a Mother’s Day celebration all year along.

Here are some DIY gift ideas to make your Mother’s Day celebrations unique:

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Need more gifting ideas? Watch this video by ArtKala to make your gifting game strong:

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