“The tryst of destiny” is a very famous speech delivered by pt. Nehru. This address brought many laurels to pt. Nehru, including being recognised as one of the most popular orator of his times. This happened because of the unique way of his selection of words. Choosing our words carefully is one of the number of things we will unravel ahead.

Make your interlocutor feel involved.

Try to keep yourself one scale higher while having a conversation with someone to keep it attractive. Be wise enough to understand the point of the conversation. Don’t sound too bright and make the person in front of you feel comfortable and welcomed. Try to avoid complicated words to make the discussion look fresh. Don’t use formal words unless the conference is for some professional or technical purpose.

Be smart enough to say only meaningful things, if are stuck in a situation where you have to discuss any complicated matter. Say things with less technical words, as the that may drive you towards some dead end. 

Try evading the usage of words vexing negative feelings

Negativity breeds negativity“; hence we are always advised to think before we speak. It is because your words may affect the person in front of you. People turn their back on the ones who give those negative feeling of resentment. If you don’t want to be treated in such a way, then omit out all the negative words from your dictionary. But this doesn’t mean that you will soften-up your vocabulary. If there is a necessity, go ahead with it but then plan a cover-up to make your presentation, speech, or discussion sound perfect.

Your word is a reflection of your character, smartness, intelligence, and personality. However, words with a bit of smartness, absolute rhyming, correct meaning, and a perfect vocal delivery are enough to impress a person. History has advocated that only the writers and poets have managed to reach people’s hearts. Even across oceans, without even marching a step in that direction, they touched people’s hearts. They have art within them with which they chose their words.

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