With the lockdown in force, we all have started feeling bored again. The rising covid-19 cases have led to the closing down of everything, including cinemas and educational institutions. The alarming rate of increment in cases has made us all sure of one thing: to stay at home. People often resort to binge-watching series and movies as a way to cope up with their boredom. The children are constantly watching the screen as well. But did you ever think of making this screen time valuable for them? Yes, they watch screens, but what if it proves to be productive rather than harmful? We won’t create much suspense and tell you more about it. It is the Puzzle Party – India (Holi) Edition launched by Google Arts and Culture.

Puzzles for kids

About the Puzzle Party

It is a puzzle game designed for both children and adults. The puzzle party includes jigsaw puzzles that one can play at three levels: easy, medium, and challenging. However, these are colorful puzzles that will attract your little ones with their vibrant colors. Are you thinking that you might get bored while doing a puzzle alone? Let us tell you that you can play the puzzle Party game by Google Arts and Culture with your friends online! Yes, you have to share the link online with your friend, and then you can collaborate and solve the puzzle together.

How is it beneficial?

We all love puzzles because of their advantages. Besides being fun to solve, these puzzles enhance brain power in many ways. They are also responsible for improving fine motor ability in children. The advantages of puzzles are so many that they make it an attractive game option for kids and adults. Some of the merits of a puzzle game are-

1. Increase concentration power.

2. Enhance hand-eyecoordination. 

3. Helpful in reducing stress levels.

4. Improvement in problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

5. Effective in increasing memory power. 

6. Improve visual and spatial reasoning abilities.

7. Increase self-esteem. 

For more information about how puzzles benefit the children, consider visiting; 

Puzzles For Child Development

Wrapping up

Puzzle games are fun to play. They help in improving mental skills as well. This exceptional quality of being productive, as well as fun, is what makes jigsaw puzzles stand out from other games. Puzzle games truly promote the idea of learning with fun.

You can access the Google Puzzle Party here!

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