Nowadays, too much stress is laid on good grades and IQ, which undoubtedly leads to the suppression of other qualities in kids. Good career planning leads to life fulfilment. Too many factors drive the decision about our career. Couple it with cultural heritage, which can easily conflict a youths’ interests. In many households, the career decision of a child is not only influenced by family members. But also, many-a-times a child is even forced to pursue a career chosen by their parents. Nevertheless, personal interest is the primary factor that influences career choice in individualistic settings. The youth should make independent decisions according to their interests.

Some of the factors determining career choices are:

1.Decision Making & Career

Decision-making is the most crucial aspect of choosing our desired path. One must keep everything in its mind about its abilities. While on one hand, one needs to be more aware of one’s successes and achievements. On the other hand, they should try to visualize what they wants in life in greater detail. Where do you like to see yourself standing in the future? Once you get the answer, make plans to reach your goal.

2. Choose Self-Awareness Over Expectation

Values aren’t enough to choose a career for yourself. As a matter of fact, you need to understand your strength and how to imply it. Explore ways of gaining self-awareness about your skills, interests, and personality preferences. Please pay attention to what makes you happy while doing it and what bores you. Anything that excites you, can be considered as one of your future employment options. Never think about what jobs are more competitive and what jobs offer the most money. Instead, always try to focus on improving yourself.

3. Discover your Interests

Hobbies tell you a lot about your field of interest. Think about your hobbies and consider thinking about taking one of them as your career. Will you be happy doing it? Your interests are the key to having a fulfilling career. While exploring your hobbies, always think about whether those hobbies are trying to pull you towards themselves. If the answer is yes, you might add them to your learning options.

Ask yourself how you can work to reach your goal. Correct planning and brilliant work will help you achieve your goal.

Learn more about the psychology of career decisions, from the enlightening talk by TEDx speaker, Sharon Belden Castonguay, shared below

Duration: 12 mins 26  secs
Credits: TEDx Talks on Youtube

More Resources:

Need more inspiration to understand the nuances of career decisions? Watch the video below by TEDx Talks’, where Orla Donoghue unfolding ways we can empower students to find their   professional paths.

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