Since the Covid-19 era has turned the world upside down, we have now been left with no other option rather than coping up with it. The use of virtual technology is at its peak in every field such as education, banking, shopping & so on. The cancellation of Board Exams has given an outstanding opportunity and ample amount of time to the students for adopting or strengthening new skills through online courses, that don’t need them to walk out of their comfort zone.

Adoption of the New Skills

This virtual world is evidently much appreciative of every skill, be it artistic or technical. While you sit and think of getting an online course, you must assess your areas of interest. The following points will help you out in choosing the best option for yourself:

  • If you want to opt for a course just to polish your knowledge, you can try skill development courses. These aim at developing your skills from a particular area. Hobby courses can further teach you about building healthy and worthy hobbies. Whereas language courses can make you proficient on the language of your interest and so on.
  • When it comes to courses that help you develop your career, you must utilize this study-from-home time in researching and analyzing what your future goal is. Many online career-based courses are available for high school students. These courses can help them to learn & understand the concepts better.

Professional Online Courses

  • On the basis of your interest, you can choose many career oriented online courses, other than the mainstream courses. Online courses like fashion designing, marketing, graphic designing, chartered accountancy, film making, hospitality, amongst others, can help you build a career path that’s aligned with your interest.
  • Board Exams are a vital part of a students’ life. You can also get online crash courses that significantly help you to excel in your Board Exams. This may further help you get better career opportunities.
  • English, being the most commonly used language in the work field; you can take online Spoken English classes to enhance your communication skills.

If you are wondering about the significance of taking online courses, the below-mentioned video where the impact of online learning during the covid-19 situation has been well explained by Prof Dr Jayati Roy will surely shape your perspective towards the same.

Duration: 26 mins 13 secs
Credits: EC Council 

More Resources:

The era on online education is evolving, watch the views of Niema Moshiri, a TEDx Speaker, on how online courses are becoming the new normal.

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