Theories about good parenting have undoubtedly started making more rounds than ever. More and more parents are seeking expert advice about good parenting. Needless to say, the internet is flooded with videos and guides about good parenting. Nevertheless, if you listen to the Sadhguru you will have a completely different view about parenting. He has a very interesting take on parenting, but what he says is based on facts and reality. 

Raise Yourself Before You Raise Your Kids

As weired as the title sounds, there is a truth hidden in it. Indeed, while teaching, directing or scolding our kids we forget that we ourselves are at fault for so many things. We assume that we are omnipower and we know everything; now the kid must know all from us. In reality, there is frailty in everyone. As a parent the only factor that puts you ahead of your child is your age. Now, if you are bossing around with your child because you are older than him the child is not going to listen. 

Parenting Tip : Guide Those Curious Minds

Children are a bunch of curious minds with a keen observation who like friends and playfulness. So, if you are bossing around with your child he is not ready to listen to you. You need to be friends with him. He is seeking friendship and is driven to friends for advice, help, fun and everything. 

Secure Your Kids From Wrong Associations 

While being friend with the child is the best way to let his intelligence and other cognitive abilities nurture, you also need to prevent the child from getting associated with wrong individuals or groups. Kids are super absorbers of knowledge and information. If your kid falls into wrong associations he will surely absorb all the wrong information and knowledge. You just need to prevent this. Rest will fall in place. 

Parenting 101 – Be Friends 

Being friendly with your child can help the child share his problems, worries and ideas with you. Preventing him from falling into wrong associations can help you prevent wrong ideas and information in him.

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Credits: Sadhguru

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If you want to learn more about raising yourself to make yourself more amenable to raising the kid, and be a better parent in general, you can go through the book mentioned below:

Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself

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