Passing out of Ivy league schools with good grade points has long been the benchmark for success in life. However, lately,managers and human resource professionals have started to recognise that too much stress on grades and IQ is delegating other qualities to the backburner. This is why people like Michelle Obama seek qualities like reliability, willingness to work hard, grit, determination etc in their hires.

Success is Not a One Day Affair

You need to acknowledge that success is not about the day you get a promotion or a better job offer, or seal a good business deal; success is about the grit and determination that you had to muster to push the boundaries of hardworkday after day in order to get to a point which leads you to the path to success.

IQ and Grades Are Not the Only Qualifications

You need to have good grades and IQ, but that does not determine your potential to succeed in life. What matters most are qualities like perseverance, determination, willingness to work hard and reliability in various assignments. This can give you utter satisfaction.

Grit and Determination Matters

If failure discourages you to do a task or accomplish a task, you are moving further away from the objective. You need to have that much of grit in you which compels you to pick yourself up and continue from where you left. Continuous pursuit of goals is a very important aspect of successful personalities.• It is your response to failure that matters

Failure does not determine the result of your pursuit; it is your response that matters. You must get up, clean the dirt and get on with your pursuit. If failure makes you morose, you cannot succeed.

Success is not up for grabs, but continuous and unabated pursuit can help you achieve success.

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