Success is elusive to most people. In fact, it is said that only about 8% people succeed in life. But those that do succeed have a tale to tell. These people have travelled through the alleys of success and have got an idea about what has made them taste the fruits of success. Arnold Schwarzenegger has one such success tale to tell. From a village boy in Austria he went on to becomMr. Universe, acted in blockbuster movies like The Terminator and then become the Governor of California. Here are a few things that we can learn from the successful lives of people like Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Success Mantra – Having A Vision

Having a vision is the most important tool in your way to carve a niche for yourself. When you don’t have a vision you don’t know what to do. And when you don’t know what to do, you don’t have any idea about how to do. So,you have a vision and work hard to realize the vision, you make a strong commitment to become successful in life.

Success Mantra – Don’t Listen To Naysayers

You have a vision and you are working hard to realize the vision, but people around you are discouraging you. When people discourage you to do something you lose the willingness to continue to work hard. That tells on your confidence and your urge to succeed. So, even learn not to list en to naysayers. They have always been there and will be there. You need to learn how to not to listen to them.

What We Learned?

Aforementioned two are the most important mantras for success. When you have a vision, and you continue to work hard to achieve that without listening to naysayers, success may not be far off. Watch the video below to hear Arnold unravel these success mantras himself:

Duration: 10 mins 01 secs
Credits: Motivation Hub

More Resources:

Success is elusive until you commit to pursue it with vigor and zeal. For more insight into why only few people succeed you need to know how successful people think. This book may help you to get a better insight.

How Successful People Think

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