The human body is an assembly of different biological systems working in harmony. Individual biological systems carry out specific tasks essential for everyday living. Whether you are sleeping, eating, working or relaxing, all these systems are working. While you may not be aware about the working of the immune system or the lymphatic system, you certainly can get indications that the digestive or the respiratory system is working. 

Body ’s Fuel – The Digestive System  

Every cell of your body needs energy to function, and it derives that energy from the food you eat. If your digestive system is not working well it will not be able to synthesize nutrition from food. You will feel fatigued since the cells will not get the required nutrition. A problem with the digestive system can occur at any part of the system such as mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. 

The Human Body

Body ‘s Gear – The Respiratory System

The mitochondria of cells of your body need energy from the digestive system and oxygen from the respiratory system to synthesize energy in the form that is suitable for the cells to use. So, the work of the digestive system and the respiratory system should go on side by side in order to provide energy to the body. The task of the respiratory system is to provide oxygen to the blood. And further carry out the waste gasses like carbon dioxide from the blood. 

Body ’s Cleaner – The Circulatory System

While the respiratory system brings in oxygen and the digestive system brings in nutrition, it is the circulatory system that distributes these elements around the body. And It is the blood moving in your body that delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to various tissues of the body and expels carbon dioxide from them. It does so with the help of a network of blood vessels, arteries and veins and is driven by the heart.

Apart from the above, there is the endocrine system which secretes hormones into the blood. These hormones regulate various bodily functions. The immune system too plays a very vital role. It defends the body against bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens.

Watch this 360-degree video below to see for yourself how it all works:


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Credits: Brightside on Youtube

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The human body is the most complex system that man has ever seen. Even scientists are not fully aware of all the complexities playing out in the body. To know more about it, you can watch this amazing video by KidsKonnect.


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