People may typecast you as lazy, indolent, un-enterprising and so on, but that does not mean that you are born to be nothing. What you need is a burning desire to live and a determination to do something. An inspirational story can kindle the hidden desire to live and do something that would make the people around you sit up and take note of. The story of Stephen Hawking has the ingredients to kindle the desire. His story is about how one can make an impact in society despite all the odds stacked against him. His story indeed teaches us a lot.

There Is No Use Being Angry with Your Problems or Incapability

The life story of Stephen Hawking teaches us that instead of being angry at all the problems and incapabilities, you need to be curious about the things happening around you. You need to be inquisitive about various facets of life, the universe et al and study or work to get your answers.

‘A Burning Desire To Do Something Can Fend Off the Inevitable’ – Stephen Hawking

Death is inevitable, but the life story of Stephen Hawking teaches how a burning desire to do and accomplish something can even fend off death for years. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with debilitating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis when he was just 21. The doctors declared that he did not have much time to live. That declaration kindled in him a burning desire to live and do something. He ended up being a world renowned cosmologist. His most famous book “A Brief History of Time” sold more than 10 million copies. And he went on to live till the age of 76 years.

The life of Stephen Hawking is truly an illustrious one. It teaches us how one can advance in life. How despite debilitating problems, if one has the burning desire to live and one can achieve something.

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If you are willing to learn to make an impact and advance your life through problems, you can go through the book mentioned below. This can help you get more resources about how you can succeed in life despite a horde of problems stacked against you.

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