Skill is something that can be learnt and also forgotten, if not practiced. Speaking English is also a skill; it is a soft skill that enhances your prospects in the professional field. Indeed, you need to master the art of speaking in English to have any meaningful impact in your professional opportunities. To that effect you need to practice conversation regularly. While practicing you need to stick to the nuances of conversation. Let us learn about the nuances.

Don’t Introduce As Myself

It is a common mistake that many people make during interviews. Don’t introduce yourself as “Myself ….”. This is wrong. You need to introduce yourself as “I am ……” or “My name is …..”

Don’t Say Pursue for Your Qualification 

If you are doing B.Tech and introducing yourself as “I am pursuing B.Tech”, you are wrong. You never pursue a qualification. You need to say “I am studying B. Tech or any degree”.

Don’t Say I Want To Do a Job

People often make the mistake of saying “I want to do a job”. Doing a job means finishing the task at hand; it never describes working for or in an organisation. So, when interviewers ask you what do you want to do? You need to say that I want to work for a company or in an industry.

It may not be easy to start speaking entirely in English from the very first days of your practice. In that case you can speak partly in English and partly in your mother tongue. As you grow bolder you can start speaking entirely in English. Keep up the practice, and you can grow up to confidently speak in English within months. Watch the video below to know more.

Improve Your Communication

Duration: 08 mins 43 secs
Credits: Impact Foundation

More Resources:

If you need more tips to really start practicing the nuances of English conversation, you need to go through the video below by ‘English By Lucy’. This will help you prepare better to practice English conversation.


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