Motivation Doesn’t Comes Easy
When you aim to build or do something, but it does not work out, it does demotivate you. Motivation doesn’t comes easy. Repeated failures in achieving your objective may land you in limbo. But you can overcome that indeterminate state if you have a firm belief in your product or idea.

Need motivation? Take it from Elon Mask, the owner of Tesla and Space X. He had budgeted for 3 missions of his Falcon rockets in Space X, and all three of them had failed. He was barely left with any money for a fourth launch. Musk just managed to scrape through by pulling in money from the proceeds of sale of his other venture, PayPal. And he was well aware that failure of the fourth rocket would mean demise of both Space X and Tesla. However, the fourth launch was a roaring success, and he was back into the business of Space X and Tesla. Elon Musk’s experience teaches us a lot about how we can stay motivated in the toughest of situations. 

 Visualising A Successful Outcome

You need to be so motivated and have so much belief in your idea or product that you can visualise a success despite failures. In fact, this is a technique often used by professional athletes. They visualise succeeding even before the actual performance. This greatly enhances their chances of success.

Breaking Down Big Challenges Into Smaller Ones

This is what Elon Mask has done. He has narrowed down his challenge to a successful flight of his Falcon rocket and not just success of his venture – Space X. 

Investing Your Own Money

If you need to invest in your start up, do it yourself. It is always better than borrowing from friends. In case you borrow from friends and fail in your endeavour, you have a lot to answer your friends apart from consoling yourself. 

What matters in success is not just tones of money to invest, but a die-hard belief in your idea and never giving up.

Watch the video below to see and learn how Elon Musk treaded his path:

Duration: 8 mins 16 secs
Credits: Alpha Leaders

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Success is elusive until you are determined to face it with conviction and grit. A never-give-up attitude and firm belief in yourself can get you success. For a better idea on how to fight procrastination you can read the book below.

The Now Habit

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