We are fascinated by the night sky since childhood. But, as we grow up, the realm of the universe expands beyond the visible sky. Indeed, the sky is our gateway to the solar system – an orderly arrangement of planets revolving around the sun. Delving deeper unearths an astounding array of facts about it. 

The Sun Is Just An Average Star

Sun is a star

The sun is considered to be just an average-size star. But, this average size star can swallow one million earths.

There Is Water On Other Planets Too

For years scientist believed that Earth was the only planet in the solar system having water. However, evidence gathered by NASA now reveal that there is irregular running water on Mars too!

Comets Are Leftovers Of Solar System

It is revealed that comets are made of sand, ice and carbon dioxide, and they are by-products of formation of the solar system. 

The Solar System Is 4.5 Billion Years Old

If you are wondering how old is truly old, consider this – ours is 4.5 billion years old. 

Gigantic Size Without Any Solid Surface?

A lot number of planets don’t have any solid surface

It is true; planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune don’t have a solid surface. Most of these planets are made up of gaseous substances. 

An Asteroid Every Year?

Asteroids can be devastating if they are big and strike the earth. It is frightening to know that a big enough asteroid,about the size of a car, enters the Earth’s atmosphere almost every year. Oh my god. However, the saving grace is that it burns up before reaching us.

An Asteroid Thrice The Height Of Mount Everest

Howsoever jaw dropping it may be; it is a fact that an asteroid called Vesta measures 22km in height, i.e thrice the height of Mount Everest.

There Is Junk In Space?

Scientists estimate that there are about 500,000 units of space junk orbiting the earth. It includes obsolete satellites, parts from rockets, items dropped during construction and repair of the International Space Station etc.

Watch this video and enjoy some more facts about Solar System.

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The solar system packs a surprise in every layer. Flip over a layer and a new fact kicks in. Read along to fuel your brain some more!

Astonishing Facts About Our Solar System

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