During the Holocaust death, brutality, and the dehumanizing of people knew no boundaries. Out of 11.5 million who died, 1.5 million were children!

But there are the lessons we can all learn from the Holocaust – tolerance, respect for others, understanding, patience,  compassion over judgment ! It is these lessons that will give our youth the examples to follow to achieve what they all want out of life.  It is through the lessons of Holocaust that we can help our young people learn to be better human beings.

It is so poignant to hear Eddie Jaku – a holocaust survivor, speak of love and compassion to wash away bitterness and help make the world a better place.

Duration: 11 mins 52 secs
Credits: TEDx

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Happiness is more than just the state of mind. This video by Meditation Motivator explains to us how the happiest man on earth stay happy!


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