Looking out at the vast oceans, it is difficult to imagine how crucial they are for a country like India. A key component of the security apparatus are the submarines. They are the ultimate stealth weapons for the navy.

Stationed in a submarine for long periods of time is challenging- both mentally and physically. Tiny bunker beds, one toilet for 40 persons, losing track of day or night- are just some of them. The primary role of submarines is to track hostile ships, protect our own installations and also take on an attack role when situation demands.  

Check out this fascinating video to get an idea of life of a submariner.

Duration: 9 mins 59 seconds
Credits: Veer by Discovery

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The deep ocean is beautifully fascinating. And how the heavy machineries of our Navy unravels it is indeed a treat to watch. Want to see how a torpedo works inside a submarine? Do watch this video by Veer by Discovery.


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