Startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty and multiple challenges. Nine out of ten startups fail. However, those who succeed display strong vision, speed of execution, strong determination and discipline.

Restaurant business is on a roll and as the social restrictions ease, this is poised for a stellar growth ahead. If you are good and have the courage to create a niche for the business, then sky is the limit!   

Here is the inspiring story of Munaf Kapadia and his vision. Learn how he had the business acumen to leverage his mother’s excellent Bohri style cooking into a hot startup idea.

Duration: 17 mins 15 secs
Credits: TEDX Youtube

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Need some inspiration?

This journey of Indian Startup Founder will surely help you draw some crucial pointers. Watch this video by TedXTalks to see how his journey unfolded.


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