Can you guess what do frightened mole and letter M have in common? What connects them? One boy asked whether the riddle had something to do with the Roman letter M i.e. the number 1000. The answer was “yes”! When the mole is frightened, its heart beats 1000 times a minute!

Answering riddles require functional thinking or relating new ideas to previous knowledge. Riddles can help children form associations, link ideas and think, be creative and make conclusions. All of these are good ways of learning and remembering things quickly and with ease.

Want to test yourself? See how many answers you can manage in this set of riddles.

Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes
Credits: Brightside On Youtube 

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Solving riddles is always recommended as a healthy brain exercise. Enjoy some more puzzling riddles by 7-second-Riddle below.


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