Poets and songwriters have waxed eloquent about dreams ever since humans learned to express their poetic emotions. Dreams are magical and help express our hopes, aspirations, sometimes even fears, so beautifully.

Dreaming is an integral part of the physiological make up of humans and everyone dreams – every time they sleep. The total time spent in dreaming over a lifetime is nearly six years! It is another matter that we are generally unable to retain more than 5%. 

While dreams are often heavily influenced by our personal experiences, certain dream themes like being chased or feeling frozen / unable to move, flying, etc. are universal across the world.  

Fascinating, isn’t it? Check out this video to know more.

Duration: 13 mins 47 secs
Credits: Brainy Dose on Youtube

More Resources:

These psychological facts about the dreams we see by Zenith are equally fascinating. Do give it a watch!


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