There are some math tricks that many of us have learnt during our school days and since forgotten. However, it is interesting to note that many of these tricks stand in good stead in our daily life. Tricks like measuring the time left for sunset, knowing whether the moon is waxing or waning and distinguishing between a spent battery and a running battery can be very helpful in our everyday life. 

Measuring The Time Left For Sunset

Bring one of your hands before your eyes and straighten the fingers and the palm. The fingers must be held close to one another. Now try to cover the area below the setting sun and the horizon with your fingers. If three fingers cover the entire area then the time left can be calculated as 3×15 minutes = 45 minutes. If four fingers cover the area then the time left can be calculated as 4×15=60 minutes.

The Moon Is Waxing Or Waning

If you are planning a camping, it is necessary to know when it is going to be a full moon. With just a simple trick you can decide whether it is going to be a new moon or a full moon in the coming days. If the shape of the moon appears like a ‘D’ it is going to be a full moon in a few days. If the shape of the moon appears like a ‘C’ it is going to be a new moon in a few days.

Check Battery Quality

If you need to put a battery in a TV or AC remote, but can’t distinguish between the good and the bad one, there is a simple trick to help. Just hold the two batteries, one in each hand, with their positive terminals up and just 0.5 inches above the ground. Now release them. The battery that bounces and falls is empty. So, use the other one. 

There are many such tricks that can help you get through tricky situations in your daily life. Explore more here : 


Simple Math Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

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Here is a range of tricks that can help you make life easier. Some of these tricks you may have already learnt during your school days, but did not care to implement in your life. However, they can be extremely helpful in tricky situations, be it in your home, office or a party.

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