It is hard even to imagine the trauma of being a refugee in an alien land. But for a child, hope and small pleasures are never too far – and this is what makes life worthwhile even for them.

Children also have it in them to accept one another without prejudices or expectations. They do not stereotype anyone but just help the lesser privileged, feel wanted and loved.

Kids may not realize, but their sensitivity has a huge impact. No matter what the circumstances, nothing in this world is nobler than a warm and kind heart.

Just in case you wanted to know how, read this book

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The book ‘ The Boy at The Back of the Class’ was crowned as the winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2019. Author Onjali Q. Rouf in this interview with Waterstones,  talks about the inspirations behind the book and why children’s literature contains so much power of hope and love for the future

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