Always remember that the longest relationship you will ever have in life is with yourself! And nobody else but you can nurture and sustain this relationship. 
We must be our own best friend and give ourselves comfort and support in times when there is no one else. 

Listen to actress Nivetha Thomas reminisce about her struggles to cope with the demands of her acting career and studies; her gradual realization that everyone has the ability to achieve far more than he or she can dream of. 

So go ahead and enjoy your successes, learn to have fun and laugh alone… this world is for you to live to the fullest and spread happiness all around.

Duration: 19 minutes 29 seconds
Image Credits : TEDX TALKS

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How  to become your own best friend??

In this video, relationship expert Dr. Karyn Gordon talks about the importance of confidence and how everyone can achieve self-love. She says ‘It is not genetic but can be learn’  Watch now.

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