A good story is defined by its characters; and a good storyteller is one who is able to cast the characters as close to reality as possible.

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There are many authors who confine their stories to the common genres of romance, thrillers, mythology, etc. There are some who create such vivid characters and situations based on our common day to day lives that we are left wondering whether the story is about us! 

One such author is Sabarna Roy. In each of Roy’s books, his characters are devoid of stereotypes and are as close to reality as possible. The kind of plots that he weaves in his books seem like real life stories and that is what binds the reader.

Abyss is one such book by him … a must read

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Sabarna Roy: The Thinking Man’s Author You Should Read

Sabarna Roy is a Senior Engineering Professional & Critically Acclaimed Author of Literary Fiction (as mentioned in Outlookindia) He introduces the reader to one of the remarkable storytellers of our times, whose characters are based on reality around us and the format of presentation is also unique. Few other books authored by Roy are ‘ Frosted Glass’ , ‘Pentacles’ and ‘Winter Poems’ which you can find in Audio Books formats on Amazon Audible

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