We remember how the #Me Too movement caught the world’s focus in 2017, when several high profile celebrities went public with incidents of sexual harassment that they had encountered from time to time. Since then, this social media driven movement has gone from strength to strength.

But #Me Too is not only about the celebrities or workplace harassment. Many youngsters also face it in schools or in public places.  A novel based on this concept has caught the imagination of many, especially those who have their own stories to unburden to the world.

Maybe He Just Likes You (Author- Barbara Dee) is a heart wrenching story of the covert sexual harassments faced by the seventh grader Milla, and the path to redemption of her pride.

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Image Credits: Molly Belle on Unsplash.com

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The author Barbara Dee. talking about her school days, says “I actually think about my school years in terms of what I was reading at the time: Pippi Longstocking in second grade, Little House in third, A Wrinkle in Time and The Black Stallion in fourth, Island of the Blue Dolphins and Harriet the Spy in fifth. When I hit my teens, I was a bookworm with a major crisis: my local library had hardly any YA books!

Know more about Barbara Dee and what made her write on dealing with  something very relevant for young teenagers – the issue of unwanted attention and harassment at school and public places

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