If you are asked to name one subject that enhances your ability to think laterally, helps you understand how things are linked to each other, adds to your creative abilities and sets you up for the coming times when one will have to relate to numbers all the time- that has to be Mathematics.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Math has traditionally been perceived as dry, boring, difficult to comprehend and even impractical. But believe me, Math is anything but that! The world around us, nature, the magnificent Cosmos itself is made up of mathematical patterns.

Math is almost like a sensory perception – like sight or touch. Watch the legendary mathematician Eddie Woo hold forth on his love for the subject.

Duration:13 minutes 13 seconds
Credits: TedTalk
Image Credits: misterwootube.com

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About the Speaker:

Eddie Woo a teacher in Mathematics, publishes videos on his youtube channel –
Learning Mathematics with Wootube. to make Mathematics more interesting and easy to understand.
Enjoy the world of Mathematics!!

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