Children are undoubtedly the most precious resources for us. It is so wonderful to watch them grow and acquire their own unique persona to deal with life and make a success of it.

But sadly, growing up is not always a happy time for the children themselves.  For them, it is often an everyday challenge to cope with the pressures as a teenager. This could be due to dealing with the physiological changes in their bodies, gaining acceptance in a larger circle of friends, increased peer level pressure to conform to (often conflicting) norms and/or difficulty in finding an ideal role model.

Let them know that you are the best friend and support they have.
H o w?
Read Riera’s book and find out …

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Teenage angst is a big problem for today’s nuclear families where children often have no one to turn to in times of need. This is when parents must step in to help.
Visit Mike Riera’s website for advice for Parenting Teenagers.

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